Back from Detroit

July 11, 2007

Just got back from an amazing weekend in Detroit with the Jimmy Fund.  It’s so great to be around other kids with similar experiences.  Even more exciting was getting to see the Sox who came to visit with us.  Thanks to Curt, Coco, Wake, Mirabelli, Youk, and Beckett for stopping by (I hope I’m not forgetting anyone).   We also got to see RemDawg and Don pop their heads in which was so cool cuz they crack me up every day.

Other than the trip to Detroit I’ve been pretty busy with work, treatment, and friends.


my real date for the gala dinner

April 4, 2007

Despite my joking on Curt’s Blog, I am honored to bring Katherine Masson to the Sox Welcome Home Gala Dinner on April 10th.  Kat and I were rivals in high school volleyball.  She played for New Bedford while I was at D-Y.  I got the chance to play with her when we won our division together at Bay State Games.  I then joined Coastal Volleyball where we played junior olympic vb together before I went to UNH.  She now plays for Stonehill and I couldn’t be prouder of her.  So Happy B-day Kat! I’m so excited to spend the day with you.

4 the Fight

March 26, 2007

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with bone cancer when I was a freshman on the volleyball team at the University of New Hampshire. My coach Jill Hirschinger was amazingly supportive; she emailed pretty much every D1 volleyball team in the country to send me their best wishes, which they did.  One sent me a “LiveSTRONG” like band that was purple and said 4 the fight (4 being my volleyball number). So it kinda stuck.

Hi All…

March 26, 2007

I just got this whole blog thing so I could respond to Schilling’s Blog so bare with me while I put some stuff on it.